Do you feel like the building process is long and complicated?

  • Perhaps friends and family have been ‘stung’ before? Or you’re just not sure about the ball park of what it will cost and you want to get an idea to see whether you can afford it or not?
  • Do you share some of the common frustrations other people have when thinking about getting started with the building process?
  • Do you have a location sorted?
  • What consents do you need to get started?
  • How do you know if you have chosen the right builder?
  • Do you have full control of how you want your dream home built?
  • How do you ensure there is no cost over runs during the project?
  • Do you have the right architect for your dream home?
  • Is it better for you to build a new home or renovate your existing one?

Make sure you are looking at ALL your options and get expert advice so you can make an informed decision to minimise your risks

Take advantage of the FREE E-book on ‘6 Common Home Building Mistakes’ which has help one client save over $32,000 in unwanted, and unnecessary cost.

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Certified Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners you can TRUST

Qual-Built Projects Ltd was founded in 2005 by Shanan Millar, the Renovation and New Build company has developed from a single van into an exceptional building company recognized for having a heavy focus on the renovation of old homes and craftsmanship. Prior to Qual-Built Projects Ltd, Shanan owned Millar Glass Ltd working in conjunction with his brothers building company Millar Builders Ltd.

Over the years, Shanan completed his apprenticeship under the guidance of his brother and eventually his passion in the building industry grew, and the challenges that were involved in the building industry he began to thrive on. This is when he decided to move away from glass, and Qual-Built Projects Ltd was born.

In 2010 a reorganization of the Company took place into three broad areas of discipline: new build, renovation and project management.  This has allowed us to appoint a Head Foreman to each team and has given everyone on that team an understanding of the areas they are involved in.

Certified Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners

10 Years on...

Qual-Built Projects Ltd has now become a renown Auckland based company that provides full contract or labour only services to the wider Auckland area, including site work, foundations, framing, roofing, landscaping, decks, and fencing. They can assist with all aspects of the building process including project management and dealing with the council.


With so many other companies in Auckland, what makes Qual-Built Projects any different?

Certified Builders since 2005

Qual-Built Projects Ltd are members of Certified Builders New Zealand so you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that only certified builders are attending to your project, they are also renovation specialists – not fresh from a high rise.

Licensed Building Practitioners

Our site managers are Licensed Building Practitioners and our builders trade qualified. Which means we are building/renovating homes to NZ standards and are specialists who have been assessed to be competent to carry out work essential to a residential building’s structure

Full project management

Qual-Built projects provides full building & project management services. Shanan will be offering expert advice & direction from the beginning of your designs or existing plans, right through to your projects completion.

Quality Assurance

You can be rest assured that your project will be completed at the highest workmanship, checked and signed off by Qual-Builts 97 Point Check List.



From dreaming to thinking and planning - and from there to building your dream home

Initial Contact

Shanan will get in touch with you in response to your enquiry and discuss your wants/needs to ensure we can offer the service you require.

Design to Build Consultation

We will then meet you in person to discuss your ideas and vision. We will also discuss how we can take your dreams and turn it into reality with a step by step approach.

Concept Drawings

A set of concept drawings will be developed, and the architect will be responsible for arranging resource and/or building consents

Job completed

Final inspection is carried out by the building inspector and the handover process begins, you can now starting living your dream!

The Project Begins!

Communication is key to ensure the project runs smoothly, weekly meetings will occur to keep you updated on the progress.

Contract is signed

A detailed quote, timeline and project plan is produced for your build, and answers any any enquiries you may have for your project.


Request a FREE Design to Build Consultation

Contact us today to arrange your session (valued at $275) with Shanan Millar (Managing Director of Qual-Built Projects Ltd). Shanan will meet with you to help get your dream home plans underway, and if you already have an architect you can invite them to attend too.

There is no obligation to build with us after meeting with Shanan. You won’t be tied into any contracts at this stage.

You'll also receive a FREE New Build Kit

Each pack filled with useful tips, checklists, and information specifically tailored to your individual building needs. This pack is designed to help you understand how we work, and allow you to make more educated building decisions.

Free E-Book Download

Take advantage of the FREE E-book on ‘6 Common Home Building Mistakes’ which has help one client save over $32,000 in unwanted, and unnecessary cost.

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